Fixie Developer Portal 🦊

Fixie is a platform for building applications using large language models. With Fixie, you can create apps that communicate in natural language with one or more agents that access individual APIs or sources of data, such as GitHub, Google Calendar, or a database.

Access the Fixie web interface at The Fixie SDK allows you to connect your applications to the Fixie platform, either as a client or by building custom agents that plug into the platform.

Learn more about Fixie at

Fixie Developer Preview: Fixie is currently available as a Developer Preview. During this time, Fixie is free to use; however, there is a limit on the number of queries per user per day. Please see Fixie Developer Preview for more information.

Need help?: The best way to contact us and get support is to join our Discord server.

Getting Started

  1. Verify access to with your Google or GitHub email.
  2. Install the Fixie CLI using pip install fixieai and run fixie auth to ensure successful authentication.
  3. Fork the examples repo.

Demo an agent

  1. Choose any example agent
  2. cd into the directory
  3. Run fixie agent deploy

You can now test the agent through the following methods: * Run fixie console -a username/agent_name and input a test query. * Run fixie console and then @ your specific agent (e.g., @username/agent_name this is the query). * Talk to deployed agents directly at * Interact with the agent programmatically: py import fixieai response = fixieai.query("How many countries start with the letter R ?") print(response)

For local development and testing, run your agent locally with fixie agent serve. This will create a tunnel to your local machine so that the Fixie platform can communicate with your agent. After running serve, open a new terminal window and talk to the agent via fixie console.

Agent Examples

Agents are at the heart of the Fixie ecosystem, and we make it easy to build and contribute your own. Start by scaffolding a default agent with fixie init. For more examples, check out Building Fixie agents and our examples repo.


Explore the links below for more information on getting started with Fixie.